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            Harvest Supreme 

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 Stock up Now on our premium organic planting mixes loaded with all-natural composted ingredients like peat moss, earthworm castings, chicken manure, bat guano & kelp meal.  Harvest Supreme also contains rice hulls. Reg. 8.99/ 2 cf. Certified Organic.



(No guarantee on sale plants)

NOTE!  (All trees and shrubs must have their roots broken up some and circling roots cut.  This is especially true of trees that have a lot of crowded roots.  It won't hurt them and in fact helps them to grow out into the soil.  Use clippers to scruff up the roots.  A knife or shovel to cut or chop circling roots.  Also a $40+ tree shouldn't be put in a 40 cent hole.  Use some planter mix and mix with the soil.  Fertilize.  Add mulch and double stake if necessary.  Most tall trees need to be double staked or the wind will knock them over.)    

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