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We are distributors of Delta Bluegrass Company, growers of premium sod using rich Delta peat soil. 

Each roll is 2' wide and 5' long, or 10 sq. ft.  Always order your rolls in multiples of 10.  Order your sod at least three days before you need it.  Delivery is every day except Sunday.  We can call you the afternoon before with an approximate delivery time with a 2 hour window.  All orders must be prepaid in advance before we can order your sod.  We can accept credit cards over the phone for your convenience.   Tip:  always order about 5% extra.  This will save you a lot of hassle if you are short a roll or two.  For elevation over 3500', use Bluegrass or Blue-Rye.  Below 3500', Bolero Dwarf Fescue, Bolero Plus or 90-10 tall Fescue are excellent varieties. 

Our prices for Traditional Sod: (over 1000 sq. ft. = free delivery except in mountain areas. Call us to check.) 

Under 250 sq. ft.:     $.60        (delivery not available- must pick up at Delta)

250 to 999 sq. ft.:      .56         ($75 delivery fee)

250 sq. ft. +                             DELIVERY FREE to  our yard, but you load it yourself and are responsible for the sod once it is delivered.                                  

over 500 sq. ft.:         .53 ($75 delivery fee under 1000'. 

Over 1000' = free.            (if not in mountain area)

over 5000 sq. ft.        .52

over 10,000 sq. ft.     .50

Kurapia: $3.00 per sq. ft.

Mow Free and Native Sod: $2.00 per sq. ft.

Bobtail Delivery (in mountainous areas):  $90 fee regardless of amount.

RENTAL:  Sod Rollers for $7.00 per day (24 Hours) and Sod Rakes for $5.00 per day. (at the nursery)

FERTILIZER:  8-16-16 Starter Fertilizer: 16 lb. bags cover 1200 sq. ft. and cost $16.99 per bag.  Highly recommended.  Delivered with your sod.

INSTALLATION PRICES: Minimum Installation Charge is $300 or 20 cents per sq. ft. for traditional sod. Kurapia, Native and Mow Free is 26 cents per sq. ft.  Minimum sod: 250 sq. ft.    All projects must be sod ready and accessible. 

To find out more about installation and care, and the different types of sod.

click on this link:  Delta Bluegrass Website                     

Store Hours: 9 - 5 Daily  Questions: (209) 772-3451