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1.     Guess what? The heat will come soon. The most important thing youcan do right now (besides watering) is mulching. Keep the soil moister, cooler, and your plants less stressed out. Plus, cuts down on weeds.  

2.     Check all your irrigation systems. Do you have dry spots? Perhaps a dripper is clogged or you need to add an extra one. Adjust your timer for more watering. Check your timers and drip systems. Check for leaky valves or faucets. A little drip can mean hundreds to thousands of gallons over a long period of time.  

3.     Are you getting enough or too much water? Remember that drip irrigation needs to run for at least 30 min. to an hour or more depending on the gallons per HOUR that you have. Ten minutes on a 1 gal per hour dripper gives 1/6 of a gallon (about 2.5 cups) - not enough for a tree or shrub. It's better to run a drip system longer and less frequently than just a few minutes every day. Have a mix of trees and flowers on your drip system? Just add more drippers to the trees. We have drippers, tubing and just about everything you need for your drip system.  

 4.     So you didn't get around to getting your vegetables in and you think it's too late? And it wouldn't stop raining? Don't be silly! This is California! We harvest right into November! Many people in the foothills don't plant until mid-May anyway (Frog Jump) Plant now and you can have crops from late June into the fall. It is actually a good idea to stagger crops like corn. We still have a great selection of vegetables, tomatoes, melons, peppers, squash, cucumber, etc. Lots of seed too.

5.     Get that weed-eater out now and get the weeds down. Once everything dries out a mower can start a fire.  Keep brush cleared away from trees. Keep tree branches pruned up if you have anything flammable near them. Don't have a "fire ladder" near your house that can get up into your trees.  

6.     Time to start "summer pruning" your fruit trees to keep them from getting too big. Think "fruit bush" instead of fruit tree and it is suddenly easier to prune them. Not sure? Just cut the branches back half way.  

7.     Did you ever thin your fruit trees? If the branches have too much fruit, they can break branches and the fruit will be very small. Do your tree a favor and take some fruit off and space out the fruit. Grape clusters should be cut in half so the bunches will produce larger grapes. Those darn ornamental plums in our driveway had so much fruit, and then it rained adding more weight to the branches. A bunch of branches snapped. I had to get a pole pruner and just whack the tree to knock off as much fruit as I could.  

8.     Blueberries can be pruned back right after they finish fruiting. The new branches will produce fruit for next year. They can be pruned again later in summer if new growth shoots out. Bushy blueberries produce more fruit.

9.     As we start getting closer to tomato harvest time, people bring in tomatoes that are brown or rotted on the bottom. It's called Blossom End Rot and it can be fixed by applying calcium - gypsum or lime. We also have Foli-Cal which is absorbed right into the leaves very quickly. Concentrate or Ready to Use. Be sure you use a fertilizer that contains calcium.  

10.   When is the best time to water? Preferably early in the morning so the plants have enough moisture to get them through the day. But if they are dry, anytime. We water most of our trees in containers twice a day in the summer. If you buy any trees from us, please remember this. We give people credit for lots of things but not if they don't water their plants. Once in the ground, trees will need water at least a few times a week. Mulch helps too. Always check your trees when first planting and adjust watering accordingly.  

11.     Already have deer problems? If you can't build a 7'+ fence around your garden, try Liquid Fence. We have small Ready to use (RTU) in a quart and 1 gal size. Also concentrate for serious users. I like the 1 gal RTU. It has its own sprayer and I can just refill it from the concentrate instead of using a regular sprayer to mix up the stinky stuff. (Although it only stinks one day.) Use every 2-3 weeks.

12.     We have apples, cherries, pluots, peaches, nectarines, apricots & apriums, as well as figs, pears, olives and pomegranates in 5 gal.  

13.     Keep dead-heading your roses, perennials and other flowering plants. They will keep producing flowers for you all summer!


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