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THINGS TO DO                JUly 2017

1.     The most important thing you can do right now (besides watering) is mulching - especially through July and August. Keep your soil moister and your plants less stressed out. You will also use less water because the plants won't dry out as fast. Remember, newly planted shrubs sometimes suffer when reflected heat burns their leaves. Mulch helps with that too.

2.     Keep dead-heading your roses, perennials and other flowering plants. They will keep producing flowers.

3.     Check all your irrigation systems. Just because you have a dripper or sprinkler doesnít mean it's working. Walk your landscape and look for stressed plants and clogged irrigation. Maybe it is time to add more drippers if your plants have grown considerably. A wilting plant can be sprayed with water. It will cool it off and absorb some of the water right through the leaves. We carry drip irrigation supplies.

4.   Water early in the morning so plants have enough moisture to get through the day.

5.     It's time to start harvesting your fruit is some cases. Don't wait for birds to peck them all before you start harvesting. Once the fruit is full size and good color, it will ripen in your home. Fruit does not have to ripen on the tree. Pick it when it is firm. Check the ripening date for you fruit tree. We do have bird netting and scary reflective tape.

6.     Don't let up on fertilizing your vegetable garden. For maximum production, be sure you have a constant supply of nutrients - either liquid or granular. Liquid fertilizers are applied more often but are more readily available. Granular or organic fertilizers need to break down and tend to release nutrients more slowly. Want to go organic? We have lots of organic fertilizers too.

7.     Still have all the annual and perennial flowers for your landscape or pots. Might as well have some nice color around your house, deck or patio. Isn't that what's it all about?

8.     Did you ever thin your fruit trees? It is sad to see branches break because the tree wasn't thinned. Be kind and take some fruit off and space out the fruit. Grape clusters should be cut about in half so the bunches will produce larger grapes.

9.     If you are getting sunburn on your veggies, think about getting some shade cloth to cover your plants when it gets hot. It will keep your plants from getting stressed and keep them cooler. The southwest side will be the hottest side. We have 50% and 70% shade cloth in different colors.

10.   Bambi starting to visit you? Liquid Fence really works. It has to be reapplied every couple weeks during the dry times when deer start getting desperate about food. It's that or build a 7 foot fence to keep them out.

11.    All our Crape Myrtles are budded or in color. We have a good supply of trees and bushes from 1 gal. to 15 gal. Come on down and check out the colors!

12.     Itís hot. You want shade. Trees can be planted this time of year. Just donít let them go dry. Mulch always helps. There is still a lot of growing a tree can do right into the fall.


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