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THINGS TO DO                                            March 2019 

 1.     If you are interested in planting Blueberries,  Olives, Figs, Blackberries, Raspberries, Hops, Grapes, Boysenberries, & Pomegranates, get them now in quarts.  A great way to get started at an easy price. We will start potting these up later in March and April. While they last! 
2.     We are getting spring flowers and vegetables in soon - and, yes, some tomatoes! Just waiting for a little warmer weather. Remember that we can still have some cold weather! If we do, cover your tender plants with frost cloth or anything. In fact, you can just leave your frost cloth on until it warms up. Frost cloth will act like a mini-greenhouse and protect your plants from birds, bugs and weather. We still have 6 ft. frost cloth available.  
3.     Rain brings weeds and more weeds. Yes, it's time to spray weeds again. We have Kill-Zall (same as 41% Roundup) at only $39.99 a gallon.  
4.     Miss out on the bareroot? We have some established fruit trees from last year. Lots of Apples, Pears, Figs, Olives, Pomegranate and Plumcots. All the newly potted bareroot trees will need a couple months to root.
5.     Get your seeds started now inside your house, greenhouse or cold frame to get them ready for your spring garden in April or May. (4-6 weeks before the last frost depending on where you live.) Other seeds like squash, beans and corn can be planted in late March or early April in the ground - May in higher elevations. Always pay attention to the weather when planting outside. 
6.     We have the spring bulbs in! Gladiolas and Dalia's. Now is the time to get them in the ground.
7.     You plant your little seedlings and something ate them? Remember to bait for slugs, snails and earwigs. Go out at night with a flashlight and you will see the culprits. If you have pets, use Sluggo. It is non-toxic. Sluggo Plus takes care of earwigs too. You can always use the foot stomp method too.....
8.   You did everything right for your roses, now watch out for diseases! Aphids, mildew, rust and black spot can rear their ugly heads especially in spring. It's best to be pre-emptive on diseases. We have systemic products that take care of everything like Bayer All-in-One Rose & Flower Care. Treats disease, fertilizes and kills bugs. Just pour on the roots. No spraying! (Best used on roses in the ground). We also have sprays for disease and bugs systemic or organic. Come in and we can show you! Check out: ROSE DISEASES 
9.     Time to do the spring fertilizing. We have just about any kind of fertilizer you want from manures, to Miracle Gro, in liquid or granular, organic or not. Blood meal, bone meal, fish emulsion, fertilizer for lawns, citrus, trees, flowers, vegetables - whatever! Just tell us what you are doing, and we can make recommendations.
10.   Think about installing a drip system or other water saving irrigation this year. We carry drip that can go off a hose bib. It will stop raining someday so might as well get ready for it.
11.   Whack back and remove old foliage off your perennials. Good   time to divide them too. They have new growth near the ground and will start growing in now. Many evergreens shrubs can be cut back now. Cut back flowering shrubs like Forsythia, Flowering Quince, White-flowering Spirea, Lilacs and vines like Wisteria AFTER they flower!!
12.     And don't forget about gophers. Now is when they breed. Get them first before grandpa and the whole clan moves in. We have traps, poison, & smoke bombs. Gopher cages work 24 hours a day.

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