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THINGS TO DO                                             SEPTEMBER  2017 

1.     All the Fall/Winter vegetables are in. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Onions,  Peas, Chard, Kale, Lettuce & more. Plant them in September for an early fall harvest. They might need a bit of shade at first. Shade cloth, cardboard, etc. especially on the west side is helpful.

2.     Fall/Winter flowers are in too! Pansies, Violas, Snapdragons, Primrose, Flowering Cabbage and Kale, and all the rest. These will go right through the winter well into spring until it gets too warm. Add some cheer during those dreary winter months.

3.      You can also start Carrots, Lettuce, Radishes, Peas and all the fall plants from seeds right now. It's the cheapest way to go!

4.     Aphids are coming back with the cooler weather. Be prepared for one last spray if needed. Watch for shiny or sticky leaves. Sometimes follow the ants and they will lead you to the aphids. Remember to READ THE LABEL when you buy any pesticide. Some have specific directions or need to be shaken before using. IT WON'T WORK right if you don't follow the instructions!

5.     Spring flowering bulbs like Daffodils will be in soon.   Plant in fall for a spring  bouquet! Daffodils are also gopher resistant. They are bitter and the little buggers leave them alone. Deer too! It's best to use some bone meal or bulb food when planting.

6.     Keep dead-heading roses and other perennials - even Crape Myrtles. They usually put on another show of color as the weather cools. A light fertilizing right now is beneficial to give a little spurt of growth and/or flowers.

7.     Fall is a great time to plant - especially natives. It's also easier on the planter. With cooler weather, plants are less stressed which means you will be more successful. Fall planting also gives them time to root some so that when spring comes they take off quickly. You don't have to wait for rain. Dig a small hole and fill it with water, let it soak and then dig it out. Repeat. It's the easy way to dig.

8.     As the summer gets drier and browner, deer get more desperate for food. Be prepared! Use Liquid Fence Deer Repellant every 1-2 weeks on your most treasured plants. It really works! (Or build a real 7-8' fence).

 9.     It's still fire season. September can sometimes be the worst month. Be sure  you are prepared. A well-watered landscape actually resists burning. Dry trees and shrubs are a fire hazard.

10.   Do you have a lot of space? Think about planting a cover crop in the fall like clover, alfalfa, vetch, Fava beans or some other legume than can be tilled in to enrich the soil for next year's crops. It's the way they "used" to do it before fertilizers. Legumes fix nitrogen right out of the air and into the soil - with some help from symbiotic organisms. Dig up some clover or other legume. Chances are you will see these nodules on the roots.


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