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1.     Keep dead-heading your roses, perennials and other flowering plants. They will keep producing flowers.

2.     Check all your irrigation systems. Just because you have a dripper or sprinkler doesn't mean it's working. Take care of those leaky faucets. 

3.     Think about getting an automatic watering system. Don't depend on neighbors or the kid who lives down the street when you go on vacation. You shouldn't have to water every day anyway. Use mulch and water more deeply when you do water. Drip systems use less water but need to be run longer than sprinklers. Adjust your timers.

4.     If you haven't already, get that weed-eater out - and do it when it is cooler. Mowers can start fires. This is already a bad fire year. Keep brush cleared away from trees. Keep tree branches pruned up if you have anything flammable near them. Don't have a "fire ladder" near your house that can get up into your trees.

5.   It's time to start harvesting your fruit is some cases. Don't wait for birds to peck them all before you start harvesting. Once the fruit is full size and good color, even if it is hard, it will ripen in your home. Fruit does not have to ripen on the tree. We do have bird netting and scary reflective tape to discourage our feathered friends.

6.     You can still "summer prune" your fruit trees to keep them from getting too big. You can prune while the trees have fruit or wait until the fruit is harvested.

7.     Did you ever thin your fruit trees? It is sad to see branches break because the tree wasn't thinned. Be kind and take some fruit off and space out the fruit. Grape clusters should be cut about in half so the bunches will produce larger grapes.

8.     Mulch, mulch, mulch. ANY mulch and any kind of mulch helps. It is a hot summer. Mulch is like insulation for the soil. It keeps the soil moister. And in the summer, it is doubly important.

9.   As we start getting closer to tomato harvest time, people bring in tomatoes that are brown or rotted on the bottom. It's called Blossom End Rot and it can be fixed by applying calcium - gypsum or lime. We also have Foli-Cal which is absorbed right into the leaves very quickly. Concentrate or Ready to Use.

10.     When is the best time to harvest? Whenever you are in your garden - ideally in the morning or evening. You can pick in the heat of the day but it's harder on you than the plants. Don't pick fruit or veggies from a wilted plant. Water it first and come back later. Once picked, get your fruits or veggies in the house where it's cool.

11.     If you are getting sunburn on your veggies, think about getting some shade cloth to cover your plants when it really gets hot. We have different colors and two shade strengths - 50% and 70%. It will keep your plants from getting stressed and keep them cooler. The southwest side will be the hottest side.


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