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THINGS TO DO                                            April 2019 

1.     TOMATOES ARE-- IN INCLUDING HEIRLOOM'S! We have all the spring flowers and vegetables in now.  Higher elevations may need to wait or protect tender plants with frost cloth or some other method.  Don't forget a  tomato cage. I find the best way to do vegetables in the ground, is to mix in manure, compost, worm castings or something like Harvest Supreme on sale above, and then use some organic fertilizer like Gardner & Bloome Tomato or All Purpose fertilizer right in the hole that you planting in. Just toss in a small handful and plant. Your vegetables will get the benefit of having an instant nutrition source as well as get inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms.
2.     When buying vegetable plants, remember that Hybrids are NOT genetically engineered. They are cross pollinated generally by hand to get a superior, often times disease resistant plant with more vigor and more production. Heirlooms like tomatoes are great and have fantastic flavor, but take longer to produce, the plants get larger, and generally don't have as much disease resistance as hybrids. If you're not saving the seed, a combo of heirloom and hybrids is the best.
sod installing We do not carry any genetically engineered seeds or plants!  
3.     Now is a great time to put that sod down. We are distributors for Delta Bluegrass Sod - grower of high quality sod using rich Delta peat soil. Check out the prices here:  SOD PRICES
4.     Most of our new fruit trees will be rooted and ready for sale some time in late April or early May. We do have some from last year that are ready to go right now like apples, pears, olives, figs, plum-cots, mulberry and pomegranates. Also have blueberries in 5 gal.   
5.     Treat roses BEFORE you see black spot, mildew and rust.  If you're not sure  what that is, here is a link to our website: Rose Diseases.  We have lots of good sprays, including organic types. Bayer Disease Control is a systemic spray that works great for roses. Liquid and granular Bayer All-in-One Rose & Flower Care fertilizes, controls disease and insects for plants in the ground. Apply every couple months but especially in spring - like right now!
6.     We have lots of organic as well as traditional sprays.  Organic Sprays at Rising Sun Nursery.  If you're growing vegetables, think about using some of these sprays. Even traditional sprays are more benign than they used to be. There are lots of choices.
7.    Seeds are a great way to get into the vegetable and flower mix at a much lower price.  But remember to protect from snails, slugs and earwigs.  Go out at night with a flashlight. You will see the little critters.  Have pets?  Use Sluggo or Sluggo Plus with Organic Spinosad.  Safe for pets and actually fertilizes your plants as it breaks down. We also have standard snail bait.  
8.    Weeds, weeds, weeds. That's what rain brings. Either spray them (Kill-zall is only $39.99/gal), weed-eat them, mow them or cover them. We have the sprays and we have bark, cedar and redwood mulch and walk-on bark. You can even use cardboard for pathways in your garden. It will keep down weeds too. Weed block works too.
9.    Start checking all your water systems and time clocks. We have been spoiled with rain but it will be time to start watering your landscapes before you know it.
10.    Cut back those flowering shrubs AFTER they bloom--Lilacs, Viburnum, White Spirea, Forsythia, Azalea, Wisteria, etc.
11.    We still have blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, figs,  pomegranate, olives and grapes in quarts. Later in April we will start potting some of them up into 5 gallon pots and whatever is left, we will sell out. Get them now while we have the best selection.

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