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THINGS TO DO                                          FEBRUARY 2018

1.     The bareroot fruit trees are in. Get them now. By late February or so we start potting them up - and with this warm weather, it might be sooner rather than later.  *Just a reminder that when you get a bareroot tree, it is important to cut back the top pretty hard. Prune for structure. Don't worry about fruit the first year. It also balances the top with the roots. Your tree will love you for it. If they don't get pruned, sometimes they dry out or die back or don't leaf out. Not sure? Ask one of us how to do it. 

2.     Last chance to spray Liqui-Cop for Peach Leaf Curl. Cherries, plums, apricots, apples, pears etc. don't get Peach Leaf curl but they have other diseases that the copper spray works well on as a preventative - but do it before the trees leaf out.   

3.     We still have quarts of the following: Blueberries, Olives, Figs, Blackberries, Raspberries, Boysenberries, Hardy Kiwi, Pomegranate, Goji Berry & Mulberry. Blueberries are already starting to flower - that mean berries later! While they last. Later in March they all get potted up too. 

4.     Haven't had much rain so it's easy to keep up with the weeds using Kill-Zall at only $39.99 a gallon (same as Roundup). Spray now or weed-eat later. It will rain again!

5.     Seed Potatoes are selling fast. Don't wait! They are fun to grow and you can get a bunch of potatoes from 2 lbs. 

6.     Start your seeds now inside your house, greenhouse or cold frame. (4-6 weeks before the last frost.) Frost cloth covering seeds works well too. Look at the info on the seed packet for the best time to plant.

7.     Divide perennials now just before they start to push new growth. Cut off old growth hard. Get a nursery knife or old knife and cut or pry plants apart. It's easier to divide if you cut some of the roots off the bottom first.  

8.     Didn't prune your roses or fruit trees yet. You can still do it. Heck, I'm always late getting around to that stuff. Thin out skinny, weak or crowded branches. Remove old branches and keep the younger, more robust branches. 

9.     If you've been waiting to prune your cherries and apricots, you can do that too. It's best to prune them at the later part of winter to avoid disease issues. 

10.   Time to fertilize soon. Plants will be pushing new growth out before you know it. Having the nutrients there for them is the same as having a nice breakfast after you wake up in the morning. We have everything for liquid to granular including lots of organic fertilizers that release slowly. Groganic (5-3-2) is a certified organic pelleted chicken manure with 7% calcium. A great fertilizer for vegetables or just about anything. 40 pounds for only $15.99. We also have Triple 10, Triple 16 and all kinds of specialty fertilizers. 

11.     Getting spring bulbs soon: Gladiolas and Dahlias.

12.    Soon it will be time to do a preventive treatment for rose diseases. Aphids are on the way too. Bayer All-in-One (liquid or granular) takes care of fertilizing, insects and disease. Use during spring when aphids and disease are at their worst.   


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