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    Heirloom tomatoes

AMISH PASTE -  A long time favorite plum-shaped sauce tomato.  Very meaty tomatoes avg. 8-12 oz. Good for salads or for processing.  Indeterminate.  

ARKANSAS TRAVELER –A heavy yielding variety that will produce 6-8 oz. pink fruits through stressful hot weather. Outstanding flavor. Indeterminate stake habit. 

BIG RAINBOW - The flesh inside is marbled with red in the bottom half of the fruit. It has a big, lumpy beefsteak shape with a very mild and sweet flavor. The large fruits (often 22 oz.) are borne on tall plants.  Indeterminate.

BLACK CHERRY - Dark, chocolaty colored fruits are perfectly round, 3/4-inch diameter.  Delicious eaten fresh from the vine, on salads, or added to sauces and casseroles. Indeterminate stake habit.

BLACK KRIM - One of our best tasting tomato! A most unusual novelty, 8-12 oz. fruits are flattened, globe shaped, dark, deep-red to dark mahogany with heavy green shoulders. Interior is a deep, reddish-green color. Sweet heirloom from the Crimean peninsula of Russia. It has a rich, earthy taste. Matures extremely early. Indeterminate stake habit. 

BLACK PRINCE – From Russia.  Small to med. Size deep red colored fruit about 2” in diameter.  Very juicy with a rich flavor.  Indeterminate. 

BOX CAR WILLIE – A heavy yielding variety producing 8 -10 oz. smooth red fruits of excellent flavor.  Indeterminate.  

BRANDYWINE PINK – Potato-leaf foliage.  Very large, reddish-pink fruits averaging a pound or more.  Exceptional flavor of gourmet quality.  Indeterminate. 

BRANDYWIND YELLOW – Potato-leaf foliage.  Very large yellow fruits averaging a pound or more.  Exceptional flavor of gourmet quality.  Indeterminate. 

BRANDYWINE BLACK - Potato-leaf foliage. Maroon- red in color with outstanding tasting flesh. Each oval shaped fruit can weigh up to 2 lbs. Derived from a cross of Brandywine and either Black Prince or Cherokee Purple. Indeterminate. 

BULLS HEART - 87 days.  Plant produces good yields of giant 2 lb and large pink oxheart tomatoes. This variety is very sweet and flavorful. Excellent in salads and sandwiches. A very old variety from Russia. Indeterminate.  

CHEROKEE PURPLE – Unusual tomato with med – large, flattened globe fruits that are dusky pink with darker purple shoulders.  The interior is also somewhat multicolored.  Shorter indeterminate vines. 

DELICIOUS – Produces very large, red, deep glove shaped fruits that resist cracking.  Most are 1 lb. fruits but can be larger.  Solid interior, small seed cavities and excellent flavor.  Indeterminate. 

GERMAN JOHNSON – Large low acid reddish pink fruits.  Tall plants with potato leaf foliage.  Named after Robert Gibbon Johnson, declared a hero in 1820 by eating a tomato in public thus proving it was not toxic.  Indeterminate.

GREEN ZEBRA - This is the most unusual variety you will ever grow. Fully ripened fruits are bright green, with stripes of a still lighter green. Unique and attractive, round, smallish, 2-4 oz. fruits have an excellent real tomato flavor. Delectable flavor is sweet but tangy. Determinate bush habit. 

HILLBILLY – Huge mild flavored beefsteak type fruits that average between 1 -2 lbs.  The fruit is streaked orange yellow and mottled in shades of red and pink.  Indeterminate. 

KELLOGG’S BREAKFAST – Lovely pale orange fruits that are solid and meaty throughout.  Mild and superb tasting.  Fruit up to 1 lb. with solid centers and just a few seeds at the edges.  Indeterminate. 

JUBILEE -  Since1943. Orange, 8 oz., non-acid, solid, sweet, smooth-skinned, medium-sized, golden orange fruits are heavily produced on plants that can be staked. Solid flesh has mild flavor and few seeds. Indeterminate stake habit. 

MORTGAGE LIFTER – Large, pink fruit is very meaty, great flavor with few seeds.  Legend says that “Radiator Charlie” named the tomato after its excellent crop helped him to pay  off a farm about to be foreclosed on.  Indeterminate. 

MR. STRIPEY – Yellow beefsteak type fruit with red-streaked flesh.  Large flavorful fruits range from 12 oz to 3 lbs.  Also called “Old German”.  Indeterminate

NEBRASKA WEDDING - An old Great Plains heirloom. An old favorite. Plants yield an abundant crop of globe-shaped deep-orange weighing up to 12 oz. fruits with good sweet/acid balance and lots of flavor. Days: 100. Indeterminate

PERSIMMON - A persimmon-colored Russian heirloom beefsteak; high in flavor, low in acidity. A heirloom originally from Russia, this beefsteak type has very large, persimmon-colored 1 lb. fruits. Uniform and blemish-free, the tomatoes have high flavor, low acidity, and a small cavity. Performs well in short-season areas. Indeterminate. Harvest about 80-96 days after transplant. Fruit Weight 16 ounces

PINEAPPLE - An heirloom garden favorite that grows to 2 lbs. This bi-colored, slightly flattened, yellow beefsteak has a red blushing and streaks on the outside. It's yellow interior contains few seeds and a red star-burst in the center. Taste is wonderfully mild with tropical fruity-sweet flavors.  Indeterminate.

PONDEROSA – Old time favorite, extra-large beefsteak type with mild flavor.  Almost seedless with low acid, solid and meaty, deep red flesh.  Indeterminate.

PRUDEN’S PURPLE Often favorably compared with the illustrious 'Brandywine', the gold standard of heirloom tomatoes. With dark pinkish-purple skin, this widely adapted heirloom produces large, slightly flattened 1 lb. fruits with firm, meaty, crimson flesh and few seeds. Indeterminate potato-leaf plants. Harvest about 67-85 days from transplant.

ROSE – Deep pink and smoother than Brandywine.  Every bit as large, meaty and flavorful.  Good yields.  Indeterminate.

SAN MARZANO - 85 Days. This old-style Italian Roma type is later to mature than Roma VF but offers larger fruit size. The indeterminate plants produce big yields of large Roma type fruit that hang in large clusters. The bright red fruit measure 3.5-4" in length and have an extra-high solid content that makes them ideal for canning. San Marzano tomatoes hold well on the vine and in storage.

TINY TIM - Grows only 10-12 in. tall and about 14 in. across. A heavy yielder with clusters of 1 in. red, fine-flavored fruit. Can be grown as a pot plant anytime of the year. Indeterminate stake habit. 

YELLOW PLUM – Small plum shaped sweet and mild yellow fruits on a vigorous vine.  Indeterminate.   


Indeterminate tomatoes need to be staked or supported.  They can also be pruned and the fruit ripens over an extended period.   Determinate plants are more compact and usually need no support and fruit ripens more at once.   Tomatoes need phosphorus for good fruit production and calcium to prevent blossom end rot.  Avoid excessive nitrogen.  Any good vegetable fertilizer should work.   

Cracked fruit can usually be prevented by keeping more uniform soil moisture.  Mulch helps with that.  Fruit may fail to set at temperatures over 100 degrees.   Avoid over head watering to prevent leaf disease.  Since tasty Heirlooms varieties are not very disease resistant, consider a mixed crop of disease resistant Hybrids and Heirlooms for a more reliable crop.  Also, Heirlooms often take longer to produce and their mostly indeterminate nature means they will need extra support since they can grow quite large.  Hybrids are NOT genetically engineered!  They are cross-pollinated the old fashioned way – often by hand.  The VFN on Hybrid Tomatoes stands for Verticillium, Fusarium disease resistance (fungus) and Nematode (root insect) resistance. 

Plant tomatoes deep in the soil.  First remove the lower leaves and then plant deeply.  Roots will form on the branches you buried giving a stronger plant.


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