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Do we have a Guarantee?  

   Yes we do. It is a conditional guarantee just like most when you buy anything. Part of our responsibility is to educate our customers in the proper way to take care of their plants, whether it is planting, fertilizing, watering, pruning or spraying. We offer free classes exactly for this reason.

    When a plant does poorly or maybe even dies, we ask a lot of questions to try to figure out what happened.  The main goal is to try to correct any mistakes so that next time you are successful.  We like to see the dead or diseased plant (or leaves or fruit -whatever) to try to figure out what happened. One customer insisted that I come see their Crape Myrtles that were dying.  It turns out that they had been accidentally weed-eated, thereby completely girdling them.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t help her.

     Nine times out of ten, we can figure out what happened.   Lack of water, especially in the summer, is a big culprit in the death of some plants.  Please pick up our flier: Planting Instructions During the Hot Summer Months.   Summer can be unforgiving if you don’t pay attention to watering, especially for new plants.  Some plants, especially natives and plants that are drought tolerant can actually rot from too much water.  Those plants are best planted slightly elevated to avoid too much water around the base of the plant. 

OUR GUARANTEE:  We guarantee our plants up to a year.  If you lose a plant and it was diseased or faulty in any way that is our responsibility, we replace it or give you a credit for your plant.  Just bring the plant in with a receipt. 

    1. We are not responsible for the weather including: frost, cold, heat, or breakage and damage from wind.

    2. We are not responsible for animal damage including insects (unless the problem existed before purchase) or other mechanical damage from equipment, weed eaters or fire.

    3.  We are not responsible for failure to irrigate including failure of sprinkler or drip systems.

    4.  At no time are we responsible for any more than the value of the plant purchased.

 YOUR RESPONSIBILITY:  To protect your plants during transportation from wind.  To properly plant (using compost, humus or other organic matter), fertilize and water your plants.  To properly stake trees, especially in high wind areas.  To add mulch as needed.  To educate yourself (or ask us) so that you put the right plant in the right spot.  That if there is a question of too much or too little water, you will poke your finger, a stick, a shovel, anything, into the soil to see what is going on beneath the ground.  90% of all problems involving death of a plant occur below your feet.  If you have a problem or are not sure about something, please call us.  And remember: Don’t put a $40 tree in a 40˘ hole.  The soil is very poor in the foothills.  Help ‘em out.


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