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Japanese Maple Varieties

(In various sizes)


Atropurpureum - various shades of red turning green/red

Palmatum - green leaves, fall color varies


Beni Hime - dwarf

Bloodgood - dark red

Burgandy Lace - wine red

Butterfly - variegated green, red and pink

Fjellheim - like compact Sango Kaku

Fireglow - bright red

Kandy Kitchen - dwarf

Koto No Ito - lacy green leaves, red fall color

Moonfire - wine red leaves

Murasaki Kiyohime - green leaves with red edge

Orange Dream - orangey changing to yellow

Orangeola - orangey red leaves

Peaches and Cream - red and white and green leaves

Red Emperor - takes heat well

Ruth's Red - takes heat well

Sango Kaku - green leaves, red bark

Shaina - like dwarf Bloodgood

Sherwood Flame - red dissected leaves

Sieryu - green dissected

Shishio Hime - crimson spring foliage

Tsuma Beni - green leaves tipped red

Crimson Queen - red dissected

Tamukeyama - red dissected - looser, very old variety

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