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GRAPES (bareroot) $4.99 ea.

Black Monukka Seedless Large, purplish-black, sweet, crisp. Does not require as much summer heat as Thompson. Fresh or raisins. Early mid-season. Cane or spur pruning. Self-fruitful.

Concord Grape (seeds) - Med. blue-black grapes. Strong flavor. Great for jelly and juice. Good fresh too. Cane or Spur. Ripens in September.

Flame Seedless
Medium-sized, light red. Crisp, sweet, excellent flavor. For fresh use or raisins. Needs hot summer. Ripe early, before Thompson. Vigorous. Cane or spur pruning.  Self-fruitful.

Muscat of Alexandria (seeds)
Large. Golden-green, sweet, seeded, table and wine grape. Highly productive. Good in coastal and interior valleys, also winter hardy in Utah. Can be used for wind also.  Cane pruning. Hardy to Zone 6. Ripens: August.  Spur pruning. Self-fruitful.

Perlette Seedless - 
Pale green berry is crisp and juicy. Larger than Thompson and two weeks earlier. Requires less summer heat than Thompson to ripen. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane pruning.

Red Globe - (Seeds)- Very large reddish grape with  firm flesh and round shape. They have a dark ruby red color mildly sweet and flavorful. 

Ruby Seedless Dark red, sweet, crisp, excellent fresh or for raisins. Ripens after Thompson Seedless. Requires less summer heat than Thompson or Flame. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane or spur pruning.

Thompson Seedless Most popular grape in Calif. & Ariz. Fresh & raisins. Pale green, very sweet. Thin the clusters for larger berries. Needs plenty of heat. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane pruning.

Zinfandel (seeds) Popular local fruity red wine grape. Medium juicy reddish-black berry ripens mid-season. Self-fruitful. Cane or spur pruning.


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