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S= To 25’   M= 25-40’  L = 40’ and taller  D = Drought tolerant when established.  P = Pest free

Maples (Acer) – Japanese, Trident - S, Red Maples – October Glory, Autumn Blaze & Autumn Fantasy – all mostly red colors with other colors mixed in. 

Ash (Fraxinus)  - Raywood – burgundy color, M

Ginkgo – bright long lasting yellow – L, P

Crape Myrtles – (Lagerstroemia)  - reds, oranges – S,

Liquidambar – reds, orange, burgundy, yellow.  Clones available.  L

Tupelo Tree – (Nyssa) – coppery red- M

Chinese Pistache – (Pistachia) – mostly red, but can be orange & yellow.  Attractive fruit. M, D, P

Flowering Pear (Pyrus)  - Bradford, Aristocrat, Autumn Blaze – reds & orange. M

Oak (Quercus) – Scarlet, Red, Pin Oaks – red to dark red.  Some leaves hang on. L

Chinese Tallow Tree (Sapium) – consistently red.  M

Persimmon (Diospyros) – reds and oranges, orange fruit.  S

Dogwood (Cornus)  - Eastern, Kousa, Western, Redtwig Dogwoods,  Reds to pink, yellow – S

Smoke Tree (Cotinus) yellow to orange red – S, D, P

Redbud (Cercis) – Eastern, Western Redbuds – yellow to reds, S, Western is D


Japanese Barberry (Berberis) Pygmy, Rose Glow, Red-leaf – purple leaves turn to red

Blueberry  - Many varieties – reds to oranges to yellow

Crape Myrtles – reds, oranges

Pyracantha – colored fruit is red to orange

Cotoneaster – Colored fruit is red, Rock Cotoneaster has red leaves

Burning Bush – (Euonymous) – rosy bright red

Euonymous –(E. fortunea)  Emerald n Gold, Emerald Gaiety – evergreen but turn reddish.

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina) – many varieties – mostly reds especially with sun, evergreen – P. D

Viburnum – Cranberry Bush, Snowball Bush, Doublefile, etc.  reds with some red fruit

Azalea – (Exbury Hybrids) – deciduous, orange red to maroon

Dwarf Plumbago (Ceratostigma) – groundcover, bronzy red in winter

Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus) – decid. Vine or groundcover, bright red in winter.

Grape (Vitex) – mostly yellow, some varieties have red color especially Fantasy, a seedless grape

Spirea – Anthony Waterer, Goldflame, Limemound – deciduous, orange red.

Stonecrop (Sedum) – succulent groundcover – Dragon’s Blood gets reddish in winter.

Euryops – yellow flowers in fall to spring.  Hot weather will stop the blooming.

ANNUALS – Fall color into Winter and early Spring

Calendula                Snapdragon             Stock            Flowering Kale/Cabbage

Primrose                 Viola                       Dianthus       Pansy

Sweet Alyssum        Sweet Pea              Cyclamen      Iceland Poppy

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