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Learn the good bugs.  They're on your team! 

Here is a picture that everyone knows - the Ladybug.  Less known is the Aphid Lion or the larvae of the ladybug.  After eating their fill of aphids, the curl up and usually hang from a leaf and then turn into a Ladybug.


A Green Lacewing with its larval stage chowing down on a caterpillar.   Unfortunately, Lacewings are often seen flying around lights at night and are one of the bugs that get zapped with those electric zappers people kill bugs with.  Here are the eggs of the Lacewing.  Don't spray these!!




A tiny wasp will lays her eggs on aphids.  As you can see, they eat the insides and then cut a nice little trap door to exit the aphid.  What is left is called an aphid mummy.  Yes - there are good wasps.




A Syrphid or Hover fly looks a bit like a bee but makes no sound.  Search for them and you will find aphids.  They lay eggs and maggots hatch that love to chomp aphids. 


What kid doesn't love to hold a Praying Mantis?  Well, most kids anyway.  They eat anything that moves, including grasshoppers, all bugs, each other and even hummingbirds if they can catch them.  Here is the egg sac.  When they hatch they look like tiny Mantis.

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